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AVweb Article: “Cessna Will Offer Epic Optix’s Low Cost HUD”

Cessna Will Offer Epic Optix’s Low Cost HUD By Paul Bertorelli | April 13, 2018 Head-up displays, once and still the stuff of airline and military cockpits, will soon be an option in Cessna’s single-engine aircraft line. Cessna will offer the new Epic Optix Eagle HUD, a low-cost combiner display that’s capable of projecting not just basic flight…

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FLYER Article: “Low-cost Epic Eagle HUD for Cessna and Beechcraft”

By Dave Calderwood | 16th April 2018 11:24 Europe/London Textron Aviation is offering a low-cost head-up display for its piston engine aircraft from Cessna and Beechcraft as an aftermarket accessory. The Epic Eagle Head-up Display (HUD) is designed for light general aviation aircraft. It’s claimed to minimise distractions by equipping pilots with flight and navigation information on a…

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Aviation International News (AIN) Online Article: “Epic Optix Unveils $2K Portable HUD for Genav Airplanes”

Epic Optix Unveils $2K Portable HUD for Genav Airplanes by Chad Trautvetter  – April 9, 2018, 5:36 PM This portable, full-color head-up display (HUD) for general aviation aircraft from Epic Optix retails for just $1,999. The Epic Eagle HUD mirrors data via Wi-Fi from Apple iOS or Google Android tablets running any electronic flight bag software. (Photo:…

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