Similar to the GPU the GPU-V allows for data from an avionics source to be converted into a typical HUD display format.  The GPU is connected to aircraft avionics systems via Arinc-429 databus and/or RS-232 Serial channel(s). For full functionality the GPU requires Air Data and Heading Reference data (ADAHRS) along with GPS navigation data. Internal to the GPU, software converts data to graphics.

The additional feature of the GPU–V allows for HUD graphics display on the HUD to be overlaid on top of a camera video input.  Any type of camera can be used, from a near IR camera to any lowlight or video camera. Input to the GPU is via standard HDMI port, therefore, the camera should output HDMI or have a converter that converts its native format to HDMI.

The combined video output of the  camera and overlaid avionics data is transmitted from the GPU via HDMI cable to the Heads up display.