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Products in Development

FAA-Certified Hud (Head Up Display)

Epic Optix is currently developing and testing their Bach HUD design to meet FAA certification standards. This HUD system is compatible with almost all turboprop and business jet platforms, including the Citation CJ2/3 cockpit. It is the most compact, lightweight, and affordable HUD currently available in the global market.

Drawing of a Heads Up Display

Digital Night Vision Binoculars

Epic Optix has designed and in the process of prototyping unique digital binoculars with Gen3 night vision capability. The system has 20X magnification in the visible and 10X magnification in the night vision mode. The night vision camera has a thin IIT (Image Intensifier Tube) mated to a CMOS sensor to provide Gen3 performance with a digital output. Both sides present video to OLED displays in the eyepieces, and the images are digitally stabilized. In addition, the binoculars have built in Wifi and GPS and can be modified with data specific to the mission of the end users.

Digital image of head looking through Epic Optix digital night vision binoculars
Side view of head looking through Epic Optix Digital Night Vision Binoculars
Diagram of Epic Optix Multi-Spectral Camera Prototype

Multi-Spectral Camera

Epic Optix has designed and prototyped a 3-color, multi-spectral camera with only one objective lens. This unique camera system combines sensors in the visible light spectrum, NIR (Near Infra Red), and FIR (Far Infra Red), combining the images into a single presentation. The advantage of this design is that the sensors may have different resolutions, but they are aligned inside the camera and have a center point to scale and process the images. This camera is small, lightweight, and can be integrated on many platforms, such as UAVs, surface, and ground vehicles.

Mixed Reality Systems

Epic Optix is a leader in the design and development of Mixed Reality Systems. Epic has prototyped HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) and designed VR (Virtual Reality) optical systems for major CE (Consumer Electronics) companies.

  • Monocular w/ Full 720p HD image
  • Scalable to full 1080p HD image with different imager
  • Brightness greater than 1000 Nits
  • Qualcomm (QCS610) Kryo 460 Octa-core processor
  • 4GB RAM Memory
  • 16GB eMMC Flash Memory
  • USB-C connection for external power/video/audio
  • 13 Megapixel RGB Camera
  • White LED illumination for video capture in dark environments
  • Built-in WIFI and Bluetooth
  • Microphone for voice recording/transmission
  • Built-in Speaker
Photo of Epic Optix HMD Monocular Prototype
HMD Design Concept