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We are passionate about designing innovative optical products to overcome unique challenges in many vertical markets, such as avionics, consumer electronics, and medical devices. Using our expertise in optical, mechanical, and electronics engineering, Epic Optix has developed creative solutions that are cost effective and perform beyond traditional approaches.

At Epic Optix, pilot safety is a top priority. The Epic Eagle is designed to allow pilots to view critical flight and navigation information with their head up and eyes out of the cockpit.  We have taken the same technology used by military pilots, improved it and brought it to the world of general aviation (GA) at an affordable price.

Mini Projector

Developed with travelers, teachers and families in mind, the Epic Event packs the power of a high-end mounted projector into a light-weight, compact and powerful mini projector. About the size of two decks of cards, the Event connects wirelessly to your devices to project anything from presentations, movies or spreadsheets. Weighing only 9 ounces, the Epic Event is perfect for work, home or play both indoors and out.

Epic Event top view

Epic Optix’s team specializes in systems engineering; from optical design and opto-mechanical engineering, to the development of robust optical engines, our products come with the highest-grade technology. Our desire is to allow you to travel with ease, backed by the world’s most reliable technology.