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Who is Epic Optix?

About Epic Optix

Epic Optix, Inc. is an optical engineering company headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland. Its international founders were brought together around a common goal of designing unique optical solutions to difficult problems. This endeavor requires engineering and creativity to accommodate form and function. In addition, our focus is to bring high quality products at a fair price. Therefore, we have engineered our products with economy of scale through common components to reduce costs to the end user.

With this mission in mind, Epic Optix has ventured to solve notable challenges in a variety of markets by creating a family of advanced optical systems.

Our Product Inspiration

The initial two vertical markets that Epic Optix has addressed are General Aviation and Portable Projection.

General Aviation (GA)

For years, in military and commercial applications, Head Up Displays (HUD) have been deployed with very positive results to pilot safety, effectiveness and efficiency. Until now, no one has been able to make a cost-effective HUD that could fit into a small, GA cockpit. The Epic Eagle is a full-color HUD with high definition that is 4X brighter than military HUDs.

Portable Projection

The “last mile” in our increasingly connected world is to be able to share images and video in person to collective audiences. Epic Event allows you to view and share media anywhere by connecting to any device. The Epic Event is a portable projector that is compact, runs on a 3-hour battery, and connects wirelessly to any Android or iOS device.